Dear Entrepreneur

This might be the single most valuable information you’ll need to take your business to the next level!

We are sure that you have a business that has the potential to change the world somehow.

You are way past of having just an idea… It’s a reality now. And it’s time to move forward towards the next level.


and if you are reading this now, it’s because you still have

The intention, the passion and the motivation

needed to take that idea and turn it into a

Successful business.

The problem is that, even though you have the intention, passion, and motivation, you wonder what is it that you must do to grow your business. Which steps should you take to strive? And you might not be sure whether you should leap into the unknown.

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This leap requires more than passion, intention, and motivation. You need to become the right entrepreneur and gather the right team that helps you create and take advantage of the market opportunities.

So, you begin to ask yourself:

What am I missing to move forward with my business?

What do I need to do to achieve greater results?

How can I identify the best talent so I can build a high-performance team?

think about the following…

Never in history have there been so many resources available to entrepreneurs. Online courses, e-books, assessments, informative articles, business groups and forums…


There are valuable resources practically everywhere we look.

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In addition, you well know there are many investors, large and small, professionals and

novices, seeking to invest in an innovative business idea and in a great team.

Still, with all these resources available, how many companies keep failing?


Of small businesses,

fail in the first 5 years

Of small businesses

don’t survive a decade

The path to entrepreneurial success is littered with companies that have run out of capital or have succumbed to poor business management due to decisions lacking strategy and vision, or to errors in execution.

The truth is that having an entrepreneurial personality even with significant amount of resources


that you have a high probability of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
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What if you could mitigate uncertainty and the BIG RISK associated with growing your business?


you could understand your inner obstacles

and learn how to optimize your

chances of success

as an entrepreneur?




With the 360 Predictor: Entrepreneur Assessment

you will know what you need to BECOME a



as you have dreamed.

With the assessment:

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  • You will know what your strengths are to be able to enhance them.
  • You will know the areas in which you must improve.
  • You will be able to measure your entrepreneurial abilities by comparing them to extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs.
  • You will get a letter of introduction and objective evaluation by investors.
  • You will get tips focused on how to improve to achieve success.
  • You will have access to the 360 ​​Predictor platform with 24/7 support
  • You will find out about the most relevant entrepreneurship events in your field.
  • You will get networking sessions to connect with other entrepreneurs and enhance your ideas.

Our assessment is based on:

Psst… This is the same technology that offers you recommended products and activates the virtual assistant on your mobile device.

After you enter some information, our proven and patented algorithm will work to offer you a full analysis of your

Potential and entrepreneurial competence

to improve the chances of success in your venture.

You will receive valuable information that will help you connect with the right people to become your best version and make WINNING DECISIONS.

After taking the assessment, I realized that I was not as prepared as I thought I would be to grow my business… I discovered what I need to look for in a business partner and what skills I still need to develop.

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Paula Adams

Do you want to know if you have what it takes to

venture successfully?

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The 360 Predictor: Entrepreneur Assessment

Has more than 10 years of development.

During this time, we managed to discover precisely what are the factors that affect entrepreneurial success and from them transform our entrepreneurs into successful entrepreneurs.

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We have done it through a perfect evaluation of: 

Demographic factors

Situational factors

Entrepreneurial consciousness

Personality traits

Business knowledge

Entrepreneurial skills

and other factors that can predict and influence your success as an entrepreneur.

backed by Big Data, Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence, the 360 Predictor: Entrepreneur Assessment, analyzes your profile and circumstances compared to entrepreneurs who made the same decisions you are considering and have been

Remarkably successful!

I never imagined it was my own fear of success that was holding my business back. Now I know I can do this! The report is amazing and perfectly accurate.

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Peter Ackerman
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By purchasing the assessment you will get:

  • A complete analysis
  • Detailed and personalized information
  • Graphics and illustrations that will give you perspective
  • An action plan to achieve success

As a Business coach working with high impact entrepreneurs, I discovered that the 360 Predictor: Entrepreneur Assessment offers an accurate and detailed view of my client’s competition.

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Diego Gómez

Discover your

strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur

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You will learn how the following factors impact your chances to succeed in a business venture.

Demographic Data
The impact of age, gender, marital status, educational level and country of residence.
Entrepreneurial Profile
Key personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses.
Situational Factors
Circumstances such as economic stability and access to financial resources, as well as emotional, mental, and physical health.
Businesses Awareness
Assumptions about how to start, administer or grow a venture and the entrepreneur's ability to handle them.
Businesses knowledge
Technical knowledge necessary to run a venture.
Entrepreneurial Skills
A combination of attitude, knowledge and skills that can be cultivated and developed.

You will get answers to questions like:

What type of company should I develop, a disruptive one, a conventional one or an innovative one?

What behaviors can contribute or negatively affect my ability to manage my venture?

What should I look for in a business partner or investor?

What type of relationships should I develop with my stakeholders?

How prepared am I for the different stages of my venture’s growth?

What skills should I focus on to develop them and take my business to the next level?

In the end, you will realize that self-awareness is the most important quality for the development of business leaders.

And thanks to this, you will have the knowledge you need to improve your skills, develop your experience and manage the necessary resources to become a successful entrepreneur and entrepreneur and…


Take your business to the next level!!


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