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Learn what you need to succeed and become the entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of.

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Entreprenurial Skills

Entrepreneurial competencies result from the combination of attitude, knowledge, and skills. Some are innate. They come naturally to you due to your personality traits; however, all can be further developed.

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Demographic Profile

This module studies the impact of your age, gender, marital status, education level, and country of residence on your startup.

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Situational Factors

This module analyzes the current situations you as an entrepreneur have physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

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Entrepreneurial Consciousness

This module determines how much knowledge you have about the entrepreneurial lifestyle, dilemmas, work-related topics, time, money, family, and friends.

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Entrepreneurial Profile

This module categorizes entrepreneurs like you based on personality traits. It predicts frequent behaviors that may contribute to your endeavors, as well as the areas and functions you will perform optimally.

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Business Knowledge

Every entrepreneur needs to know about the various business areas such as Marketing, Finance, etc. This module analyzes how much of applicable knowledge you have to run a company.

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360 Predictor

Entrepreneurial Sphere

Not every entrepreneur has the same style, likes, or strengths. There are three types of entrepreneurs; these determine how they relate and their expectations with the company based on their primary interests

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This variable mediates many business decisions. They select the type of company they should develop and the level of innovation in the products and services they want to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 360 Predictor?

It is an intelligent system that predicts the chances of success of any entrepreneur. It is based on numerous studies, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

When should I take the assessment?

You can take the assessment at any time. This will give you an exact diagnosis of the entrepreneurial moment in which you find yourself. You can take it again in the future to compare your progress and how your chances of entrepreneurial success have improved.

How much does it cost?

You just have to register and start taking the tests. You will have 1 month of free access to enjoy your diagnoses and results.

How can I register?

Go to https://app.360predictor.com (or enter directly with Facebook or Google and skip to point 4)

  1. Check the email where your username and password arrived.
  2. Login with the username and password sent to the email.
  3. Answer the questions presented in all the modules.
  4. Visualize your results and discover your entrepreneurial potential!

Can I answer it from my cell phone?

Yes, the platform is responsive and you will be able to answer the assessment from any device.

What are the benefits of taking the assessment?

You will be able to compare and improve your chances of entrepreneurial success based on entrepreneurs who have achieved business success. You will know in depth what are your strengths and weaknesses, entrepreneurial skills, your entrepreneurial personality, your role within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and much more!

How can I see the results?

You must finish answering all the sections of the Assessment 360 PREDICTOR. With the total of your answers, the views will be enabled so that you can access the detail of the diagnosis of each section or view your general report that will provide you with an executive summary.

How long does it take to answer the assessment?

Each section has an estimated response time of between 5 minutes to 30 minutes. You can take around and hour and thirty minutes.

Can I save and continue later?

Each section contains checkpoints in which your progress will be saved and you can continue answering from that point. At the end of each module your results will also be saved.

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